Technical Product Literature

Passive Fire Warehouse has collated salient technical product literature from some of the leading suppliers to help you with your product choices; which you can find within each product item or listed below.  For a general background to Fire Protection systems, please click here

HINT - Once you have clicked into a specific product, keep an eye out for the red PDF icon below the main production photo or just above the description tab.  These PDFs contain much more detailed information about that item.

Technical Product Information by Supplier:
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         Fire Collars - Overview
                                                          Fire Protection Systems - Overview

                                                          FRL (Fire Resistance Level) - Overview     

3M - Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB

3M - Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant 550
BARON - FireBlock                            

BOSS - FireMastic-HPE                    
CLIPSAL - Fire Rated Wall Boxes           

JOSINET - Emergency Information Cabinet   

JOSINET - Fire Extinguisher Cabinet L

JOSINET - Fire Extinguisher Cabinet M

JOSINET - Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

PYROPANEL - Double Acting Fire Doors

PYROPANEL - Fire Door with No Transom Over
  PYROPANEL - Fire Door With Transom
  PYROPANEL - Glass Fire Doors
  PYROPANEL - Glass Timber Fire Doors
  PYROPANEL - Multiflex Sealant
  PYROPANEL - Pyrorap Fire Collar
  PYROPANEL - Retrofit Fire Collar
  PYROPANEL - Steel Fire Door
  PYROPANEL - Steel Wrapped Fire Door Leaves
  PYROPANEL - Timber Fire Doors


SELLEYS - Pro Series Acryseal

SELLEYS - Pro Series Fire Block
      SIKA - Firerate Sealant

SIKA - FireSil Marine N Sealant
TRAFALGAR - Corrosive Cabinet 30L
                                                            TRAFALGAR - Corrosive Cabinet 60L
  TRAFALGAR - Corrosive Cabinet 100L
  TRAFALGAR - Corrosive Cabinet 160L
  TRAFALGAR - Corrosive Cabinet 250L
  TRAFALGAR - Emergency Information Storage
  TRAFALGAR - Fire Door Dampers
  TRAFALGAR - Fire Rated Ceiling Access Panel
  TRAFALGAR - Fire Rated Downlight Covers
  TRAFALGAR - Fire Rated Screw Fixed Access Panel
  TRAFALGAR - Fire Rated Wall Access Panel
  TRAFALGAR - Fire Rated Wraps
  TRAFALGAR - flammable-liquid-cabinet-30L
  TRAFALGAR - flammable-liquid-cabinet-60L
  TRAFALGAR - flammable-liquid-cabinet-100L
  TRAFALGAR - flammable-liquid-cabinet-160L
  TRAFALGAR - flammable-liquid-cabinet-250L
  TRAFALGAR - flammable-liquid-cabinet-250LS Slim
  TRAFALGAR - flammable-liquid-cabinet-250LX
  TRAFALGAR - Fyrechoke Cast-in Fire Collars
  TRAFALGAR - Fyrechoke Micro Conduit
  TRAFALGAR - Fyrechoke Retro-fit Fire Collars
  TRAFALGAR - Fyreclamps
  TRAFALGAR - Fyreflex Technical Manual
  TRAFALGAR - Fyreplug Pillows
  TRAFALGAR - FyreSafe FR Batts
  TRAFALGAR - Fyreset Mortar
  TRAFALGAR - Fyrewrap  Technical Manual
  TRAFALGAR - Maxilite bulkhead Fire Rated Board 30mm
  TRAFALGAR - Maxilite bulkhead Fire Rated Board 60mm
  TRAFALGAR - Maxilite bulkhead Fire Rated Board 60mm
  TRAFALGAR - Maxilite Fire Rated Board for Service Penos
  TRAFALGAR - Maxilite Fire Rated Board
  TRAFALGAR - Maxilite Structural Steel Fire Rated Board
  TRAFALGAR - Organic-Peroxide-Storage-30
  TRAFALGAR - Organic-Peroxide-Storage-100
  TRAFALGAR - Oxidising Agents Storage (TCOAS) 30L
  TRAFALGAR - Oxidising Agents Storage (TCOAS) 60L
  TRAFALGAR - Oxidising Agents Storage (TCOAS) 100L
  TRAFALGAR - Oxidising Agents Storage (TCOAS) 160L
  TRAFALGAR - Oxidising Agents Storage (TCOAS) 250L
  TRAFALGAR - SVT Pyro-Safe Cable Bandages
  TRAFALGAR - SVT Pyro-Safe Cable Coating
  TRAFALGAR - Toxic Substance Storage 60L
  TRAFALGAR - Toxic Substance Storage 160L
  TRAFALGAR - Toxic Substance Storage 250L
  TRAFALGAR - Toxic Substance Storage
  TRAFALGAR - Trafalgar Toxic Substance Storage 100L
  TRAFALGAR - Wombat Ceiling Fire Damper
  TRAFALGAR - Wombat Floor Damper Systems
  TRAFALGAR - Wombat Wall Damper Systems


Passive Fire Warehouse is working with a number of key industry professionals to provide salient technical information relating to the Passive Fire industry.  Please click on the links below for further information